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AC Virtually shake hands trust your VA

Would you be able to trust your Virtual Assistant?

Are you willing to give up some control?
Are you comfortable communicating online?

If your answer to either of these questions is no, then probably you are not ready to work with a Virtual Assistant yet.

Trust is essential in Virtual Assistance, as in many other fields.

On the internet we can buy everything, from books to holidays, from music downloads to hiring a wedding planner. We visit websites, read the reviews and decide whether to trust it or not.

Find a VA you can trust completely.

It’s not easy to let go and trust somebody you have never met in person, it’s true. When it comes to choosing someone to work with, several factors must be taken into consideration: their skills and personal qualities, any client reviews, their fees or pricing, and, just as importantly: your intuition.

The tone of the email messages you are exchanging as well as the Skype call can give you a feeling of how someone presents herself.

Would I leave my children with a babysitter just because her rates are the lowest? No way!

Creating my business is something for which I’ve made sacrifices. Leaving just a tiny part of it in the hands of someone known for the lowest rates around would really scare me.

The following advice might help you overcome your fears and prevent problems.

1 – make sure you have a contract and a confidentiality agreement in place. This will protect both of you and will help set clear expectations. In this business you often have to deal with personal data, prices, sensitive information that needs to be handled with maximum confidentiality.

2 – start slowly by giving trial tasks for a limited time or small projects. You will build up confidence and eventually feel you can trust her completely. You may then start to let go a little more, even important personal business information. This will help you overcome your fears.

3 – a VA is a business owner in her own right. She knows, like you, that a good reputation is the first asset she must preserve. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. A happy client will spread the word. But so will the unhappy one! A VA knows well that poor quality or worse, dishonesty, will severely damage her business and her reputation.

4 – be careful with VAs who appear to charge extremely low prices. There are parts of the world where the cost of living is very low and as a consequence VAs may apply lower rates. That’s fine if you have built up mutual trust and if you are sure you can overcome language and cultural barriers.

5 – ask for regular reports so that you will be updated about the work she’s doing for you. Consider also Skype calls. Face to face contact can help you understand who you are working with.

6 – don’t forget your VA is human. She works with several clients, each one with their own preferences. She will do her best to meet everyone’s requirements but, especially in the beginning, your help is needed. Remember to provide her with all necessary information so that she can carry out the project according to the goals you would like to reach. Be specific about your instructions. Communication is key.

7 – trust your intuition. Sometimes even tiny details may be a red flag you might not want to ignore. In the same way, while talking to this person you sometimes realize that you connect well with her. You just have the feeling that you are a good fit and can work really well together. Follow your instinct.

Imagine how it feels when you realize you’ve found someone you can rely on. You’ll know that your goals are nearer because you are working as a team. You can outsource some of the most time-consuming tasks and get back more time for yourself!

Antonella Cafaro

Mi occupo di assistenza virtuale e aiuto professioniste e imprenditrici a risparmiare tempo, crescere e raggiungere i loro obiettivi godendosi la loro attività mentre io mi occupo del resto. Virtual Assistant. I help online entrepreneurs save time, implement their plans, lighten their workload and be more productive.

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