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VA helps business

How can a VA help my business?

Actually, the first question I usually get asked is: what is a VA?
And after my explanation, the next question is: “Sounds interesting! But how can a VA help my business?!”

This is the question I’d like to answer with this post.

Generally speaking: the main goal of a VA is to lighten her clients’ workload so that they can devote more time to the crucial aspects of their own business, where their skills and experience are much needed.

A VA can help to organize, plan, create workflows, stay on track, save time.  She can take care of all those (many) tasks that take up precious time and can be delegated.  As a result, you’re left with more time to devote to the central aspects of your business as well as what you love to do most (work or life related).

But we’re still too theoretical.  Let’s get more practical.

Nowadays, it’s inevitable; every type of business, from handicrafts creation to providing a service, needs to have an online presence. This involves the organization of many moving pieces behind the scenes.

You need to plan, manage, illustrate, explain, promote, build relationships with clients and potential clients.
Growing your online presence is necessary but requires a lot of skills, commitment and time.  

The core aspects of your business.

Maybe you create handmade products or offer coaching services, or maybe yoga lessons; in any case, all of that requires your skills and experience. It’s your business essence, your passion. It’s your creature; it’s what you love to do. You just need to look after it, and that’s where your focus should be.  You, only you can take care of that.

On-the-side activities.

Your VA can take care of those. It is necessary to promote your business, handle and fulfill orders, provide services, nurture relationships, etc…  AND (here’s the good news) these can be delegated.  This is fantastic because there are so many time-consuming tasks which could divert your focus from your main activities.  That’s how your VA can help your business.   

Here’s a very quick review of what you could delegate to your VA:

Once created, it needs to be kept up to date with accurate information (prices, descriptions, images, events, news, etc…) and maintenance (plugin updates for example).

You can write the articles, and your VA can edit, format, upload and publish them. She can look for the right image and optimize it for the web.  She can also share the blog posts on your social media profiles and keep your editorial calendar updated, with keywords, topics, publishing dates, etc…

Your VA can create a web form to embed into your website. She will prepare the appropriate sequence and will create a template for sending newsletters (in Mailchimp or Aweber, for example). She can send your newsletter on a regular basis: you provide her with the content, and she can format the newsletter, add images, check links and send. At a later date, she can analyze the views of the newsletter and create a report for you.

Social Media
This is a very important subject, and I will also write a specific post on that.
Often clients fear that delegating social media to an assistant might depersonalize their presence.
I partially agree with them. It’s important that their voice stays the same. Their social media profiles should convey their message with their tone and voice.
Although after a while, your VA will be able to “speak your language with your tone and voice,”  I always encourage my clients to take care of their social profiles “in person.” What a VA can help with, is creating an organized workflow to keep the profiles/pages active. She can publish authorized content or specific content (posts/images/articles) provided by the client.
She can schedule posts as drafts so that the client can add/edit comments if needed.  Also, she can help monitor messages/comments, forwarding specific requests to the client. But, I always recommend taking part in the discussion, personally. And this is especially important in the case of a group. Your VA can keep it alive, but you have to participate and interact with the members of the group. It’s of paramount importance to help you build a connection with your audience.

Online research, digital archives, documents creation
The list can go on and on…

That’s how a VA can handle all those “behind the scenes” activities needed for your business, while you look after the core aspects of your business or life.

From my experience as a VA, I can say that the relationship between client and VA often becomes a partnership.
Some clients have told me that they particularly appreciate the fact they don’t feel lonely in their business. Instead they feel supported and it’s almost like having a business partner. They love to brainstorm together and have my opinion. Their goals become my goals, and it’s such a reward for me when my clients are successful!

It’s important to choose wisely, someone you trust completely (more about how to build trust with your VA here) and it can become such an effective relationship based on honesty, respect, support and collaboration.

Please tell me what you think about it.
Do you feel a VA might help your business run more smoothly?

Would you love to know more about it? Please get in touch.

Antonella Cafaro

Mi occupo di assistenza virtuale e aiuto professioniste e imprenditrici a risparmiare tempo, crescere e raggiungere i loro obiettivi godendosi la loro attività mentre io mi occupo del resto. Virtual Assistant. I help online entrepreneurs save time, implement their plans, lighten their workload and be more productive.

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