Coaches - Antonella Cafaro - Assistente Virtuale
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Stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated!

My mission is to support your journey to growth and success.

I can help you

    Your Coaching business is in the early stages or you are already working to take it to the next level.

    In both cases, your to-do list is endless, and constantly growing. There are so many things that need to be taken care of. Sometimes it really looks too much to handle for just one person.

    If you have a family, you’re probably left with very little time to work on your business. Family needs come first, I totally agree with you on that, the fact is that sometimes you feel frustrated for not having enough time to work on your projects and achieve your goals.

    The Best Solution For Your Business


    You’ll write your articles and I will edit, format and upload them to your website or blog along with suitable images. I can help you research any topics you would like to write about. Struggling to write with consistency? I’ll set up an editorial calendar for you… with deadlines!


    I’ll help you set up your newsletter. You’ll just have to focus on writing valuable content for your audience. I’ll send it out on a regular basis. Let’s automate your email marketing with relevant email sequences. I can help!


    I’ll help you create a Social Media strategy. Let’s optimize your FB settings and create a customized editorial plan. I can help you find relevant content to share and schedule your posts. Would you like to improve your LinkedIn profile? Let's do it!


    Let’s implement your appointment scheduling system. We’ll also work on the creation of intake processes as well as customized welcome packages for your clients.


    I can help you craft your opt-in freebie. It could be a free guide, a checklist, a screencasting, a podcast or an e-book. Let’s do it! Are you thinking of doing webinars? Great! Let’s find the best online solution for you and your business.


    I’ll help you repurpose your existing content. It can be converted in another format for use on different platforms. We can also utilize quotes from your articles to create customized visuals to share on social media.


    They are designed to help you be consistent while increasing your online presence.

    You and I will form a team and create systems and processes covering each one of the tasks required by your coaching business. You  will be able to concentrate on the core aspects of your business creating:

    content – products – programs – packages

    I like to have a collaborative relationship with my clients. I love to give suggestions and opinions. I will not only be your VA, but also an accountability partner who will help you stay on track.

    How does it feel when your coaching clients begin to blossom?

    It’s a wonderful sensation, isn’t it? You know, I feel the same when my clients reach their goals.

    Are you dedicated and motivated? Are you looking for a VA you can consider your right hand and trust completely? Someone who is accurate, punctual and honest, not only a task-doer but also a supportive and collaborative business partner… and who is cheerful, with a positive outlook and easy to work with.

    Then, please get in touch.

    I’d love to set up a free Skype call with you because chances are good that we are a good fit.