The Top 5 Things that make me book with the same Hotel
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The Top 5 Things that make me want to Book with the Same Hotel again

When I travel with my family I prefer (when possible) to stay in small hotels.

I have the idea that small environments make relationships easier, although I have to admit, it’s not always the case.

I’ve come across extremely extrovert, kind and smiley people in big resorts and then again, unpleasant people in smaller places, so really, it all depends.

I realize that since I have children traveling with me, I’ve become a bit more demanding, but moving a group of people is always harder than traveling solo or in a couple!

So, apart from the location or the cost, what are the main things that make my stay pleasant?

1. Basic cleanliness: This is easy – no need to explain. A few years ago, I was in London with my husband. Due to heavy snow, our flight back to Italy was canceled. London hotels were full with people whose flights had been canceled, and we ran the risk of spending the night at the airport. The tour operator found us a solution in a small hotel. We were extremely grateful and happy to have a place to spend the night, although in this case, basic cleanliness requirements were missing. In our room there were toadstools! I’m not joking. There was this fungus, probably caused by warmth and moisture as the room was very hot. Above the upper door frame, there were these little grey/brown toadstools growing right out of the wall! Of course, it was an “emergency” accommodation so we were grateful to have a room for the night but really… toadstools! No comment!

2. Quality of service: This should match with what was proposed at the time of booking. If they say “a five minute walk to the centre”, I should actually be able to reach the centre with a five minute walk. If they say “we lend bicycles to our guests”, I expect to find usable bicycles. I don’t expect the latest model, but something which can be safely used without risking one’s life because of faulty brakes. If breakfast is included, I prefer to find a smaller variety of good food rather than plenty of inedible food.

3. Advice and problem-solving: The unexpected happens – it’s a fact. When you travel with kids, it’s even more likely: everyone might get sick, the car might need to be repaired, the luggage might get lost… the list is endless. Any of these may ruin your stay and your overall feeling about that holiday and everything related to it, even the hotel itself, although the staff have nothing to do with my children falling ill. Well, if you know you can turn to a reliable travel professional to help, who in some cases, is willing to go the extra mile, this is definitely a plus that makes you remember that hotel.

4. Smiling, pleasant people: When I travel with my family, I expect to spend a few days having a good time. I also expect to find a warm welcome. After all, we are the paying guests, and the clue is in the name of the industry: “hospitality”, the friendly reception and treatment of guests or new arrivals. One thing that always surprises me is the lack of a smile in some people whose job is primarily to welcome people!

5. Follow up: Some hotels I’ve been to, send me their updated prices every year. That’s fine. By doing this, they ensure I’m always updated regarding their tariffs and offers. There is another hotel where we have spent a couple of weekends. Every year they send my children birthday cards as well as Christmas and Easter cards. Guess which one is the hotel the whole family remembers the most? If we happen to be in that town again, that hotel will certainly be our first choice.

Of course, it’s not only because of the birthday cards. It’s the overall impression we got from the short time we spent there.

It’s not just a question of renting a room for a few nights; it’s the total experience you get.

Whether your holiday or short break is a pleasant experience or not can depend on many factors. One of those factors may be the people you deal with during your stay.

This is where hotel management should focus their attention: not just on cleanliness and services but their employees!

People at the front desk, as well as all hotel staff members, do make a difference. They deserve to be rewarded and motivated because their job is extremely important.

What about you? When you choose a place to stay and wonder whether to go back to the same place or not, what are the factors that influence your decision?

Antonella Cafaro

Mi occupo di assistenza virtuale e aiuto professioniste e imprenditrici a risparmiare tempo, crescere e raggiungere i loro obiettivi godendosi la loro attività mentre io mi occupo del resto. Virtual Assistant. I help online entrepreneurs save time, implement their plans, lighten their workload and be more productive.

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