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messy desktop asking for help AC Virtually

4 simple steps to organize your messy desktop

Yes, I know: you need to find those files quickly, and the desktop is always visible.

It’s fast and easy to save documents, downloads and pictures directly onto your desktop, but you should really stop doing it. Your desktop is a mess! Your computer seems even slower than before….

Start now to organize it. You can do it in 4 simple steps:

1) Group your files into appropriate folders.
With so many icons cluttering your desktop, it’s hard to keep your files organized, and it becomes difficult to locate the one you need. It’s better to group them into other folders. Your family photos will not be mixed with downloads, drafts, and business documents any longer. And believe me, once you get used to it, you’ll find the files you’re looking for much more quickly.

2) Create shortcuts.
Too many files stored on your desktop might slow down your computer. If you need to find them quickly (after all, that’s one of the main reasons you saved them there), then you should start to create shortcuts. It isn’t difficult. Right click on the file located on the desktop and “Cut”. Find an appropriate folder on your PC: My Documents, for example. Click on a blank area of the folder, and then right click and “Paste”. Now your file is no longer on the desktop; it’s in My Documents. Then create a shortcut: find the file you just moved to My Documents, right click on it, and “Send to Desktop – Create shortcut”. Now your desktop shows only a shortcut icon of the file. The file is located elsewhere (My Documents, or wherever you chose to store it) but if you double click on it, the file will open as it always did.

3) Group the files that absolutely need backup into one folder.
Take note that some backup systems by default do not consider files stored on desktops. To avoid that, you’d need to change the settings in your backup program. If all your most important files are stored just in one folder, it will be easier to set the backup. Files saved on your desktop are probably important to you if you want to have them always visible, so it might be worth considering the backup issue.

4) Empty your Recycle Bin.
You deleted all those files, but they are stored in your Recycle Bin. So really, they are still on the desktop and taking up hard drive space. So, from time to time check the content of the Recycle Bin. Make sure it doesn’t contain any files deleted by mistake (at this point you could still restore them). And then… empty it! Files will be permanently deleted, and your computer speed might even improve.

Are you ready to start this organization process?
Do you use other methods to keep your desktop tidy?

Antonella Cafaro

Mi occupo di assistenza virtuale e aiuto professioniste e imprenditrici a risparmiare tempo, crescere e raggiungere i loro obiettivi godendosi la loro attività mentre io mi occupo del resto. Virtual Assistant. I help online entrepreneurs save time, implement their plans, lighten their workload and be more productive.

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