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15 easy tools to run your online business

Running an online business requires continuous updating and handling a great number of moving pieces in the backend. Luckily, there are a lot of cool little tools that are easy to use and make my life easier.
There are a lot more, but here’s a list of 15 useful and user-friendly tools to help you run your online business.

1) Buffer (social media management dashboard): has a Chrome extension that allows you to “buffer” any image or article you’re reading on the web.
No need to log in to your Buffer account, you just click on the small icon on the top right of your screen, and you’ll be able to share what you’re reading with the social platforms connected to your buffer account.
You can add your comments, mentions or hashtags, decide to share immediately or add to the Buffer queue, according to the posting times you have previously set up in your Buffer account. Personal interactions are necessary for every social media strategy, but a tool like Buffer allows you to save time to devote to real online conversations and cultivating personal relationships.

2) Mailchimp: very intuitive email marketing software to create customized forms and newsletters easily and quickly. It’s an excellent option to start with, not only because of the pricing (the free version is enough to start with) but also because it’s really user-friendly.

3) Landing Page Monkey: if you want to start creating landing pages but are not ready for the big ones yet, this is an excellent option. It helps to create nice looking landing pages very easily.

4) LastPass Chrome Extension: a real time saver in my opinion. How many passwords do you have to remember? You don’t use the same password for all your online accounts, do you? I hope you don’t! LastPass stores all of your passwords. You just need to remember one, the “master password” you use to log in to your LastPass account.

5) Colorpick Eyedropper: this little extension lets you know the exact colour code of everything on the web. Just click on the extension and click anywhere on your screen. It immediately shows the colour code. It’s very useful if you need to use that same colour somewhere else, creating graphics or adjusting your website image, for example.

6) Canva: this online tool, very intuitive, helps you create and edit images, to download, share on the web or print. It suggests the correct sizes for each use and social network platform. For example, choose the “Facebook post format” and it gives you the right size for your Facebook posts.

7) Pablo: allows you to add text to any images you find on the web (it also has a gallery of images you can choose from, for free). It’s simple to use, and although it doesn’t have all the fancy features of Canva, it helps you create nice memes, resizing them for most popular social networks.

8) Colorrs: playing with colours? If you need to convert HEX codes into RGB codes, this tool is super handy. Quick and easy.

9) Toggl time tracker: I use this to track my time. I need to know how much time it takes me to perform specific tasks. It’s extremely helpful for handling my schedule, also tracking time for clients who get billed with an hourly rate.

10) Skitch: with this tool you can grab screenshots easily, to insert them in documents, pdf files, ebooks, ezines or share them on social media. And I use it a lot with my clients or collaborators. I can take screenshots as well as edit the images, to explain something. Extremely useful.

11) Calendly: easy to set, easy to use. No more email messages back and forth between you and your clients or collaborators. You just set up your available times, and let people choose the right time on the right day for them.

12) Feedly: I love this tool. It’s a news aggregator. You just set up the categories and add your favourite blogs to it. Whenever you log in to your account, it displays those blog’s latest articles, or just the unread ones, depending on the settings you’ve chosen. This creates a personalized newsfeed based on your interests. A real time-saver. You won’t have to spend time visiting all those websites to search for new content because all new content will be just in one place, sorted by categories set up by you.

13) Small PDF and PDF Escape (I love these two tools.) Ever received a pdf file consisting of multiple pages and you needed to print just one or two? These online tools allow you to split or merge pages, compress, convert, unlock and more…
PDF Escape also lets you edit, fill out, and annotate pdf documents.

14) ScreenCastOmatic: I love to create “how to” videos or short tutorials. With this tool I can record my screen, or myself, or both, creating short videos. And I have the choice to save them in different places. Jing is another one I use for my tutorials.

15) Portent’s Content Idea Generator: get over your writer’s block with this cool little tool. It’s a title generator. Just enter your subject, and it will “generate” a lot of possible titles for you to write about. Useful and funny at the same time, try it.
Have you got any more suggestions to add to my list? I’d love to know, please share here below.

Have you got any more suggestions to add to my list? I’d love to know, please share here below.

Antonella Cafaro

Mi occupo di assistenza virtuale e aiuto professioniste e imprenditrici a risparmiare tempo, crescere e raggiungere i loro obiettivi godendosi la loro attività mentre io mi occupo del resto. Virtual Assistant. I help online entrepreneurs save time, implement their plans, lighten their workload and be more productive.

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